You  are  not  sluggish  or  lazy;  perhaps  you  simply  have  irrelevant  objectives,  that  is,  objectives  that  don’t  move,  inspire  or  motivate  you  to be  a  better  entrepreneur.  If  your  actions  are  rightly  combined  with  a  gut  feeling  you  will  accomplish  more  than  a  thousand  men  with  an  insignificant  strategic  plan. 

Keep  up  your  edge  by  continually  being  a  passionate  learner;  you  will  dependably  have  something  new  to  learn. 

You  must  get  up  each  morning  with  assurance  that  whatever  the  case  you  will  go  to  bed  with  deep  inner  fulfillment.  Overcoming  needless  obstacles  is  not  a  matter  of  likelihood;  it’s  a  matter  of  decision.  It  is  not  a  thing  to  be  sat  tight  for;  it  is  something  to  be  accomplished. 

How  to  overcome  needless  obstacles:

Overcome  the  mental  blocks  associated  with  your  goal.  Get  into  the  habit  of  being  imaginative.  Enable  yourself  to  make  time  for  “inventive”  work  if  you’re  busy.  Propel  yourself  to  approach  your  tasks  with  boldness.  Make  inspiration  your  consistent  habit.

Give  yourself  time  to  build  things.  Make  it  easier  for  you  to  be  creative.  Facilitate  energy  and  get  yourself  to  stay  motivated  over  the  long  run.  You  can  generate  a  lot  of  work  in  a  short  space  of  time  when  you  make  up  your  mind  to  overcome  needless  obstacles.  Make  your  goals  a  habit  in  real  life.

To overcome  needless  obstacles  requires  you  to:

Overcome  the  mental  blocks.  Be  imaginative.  Make  time.  Approach  every  task  with  audacity.  Make  inspiration  a  habit.  Be  creative.  Stay  motivated.

Ways  to  overcome  needless  obstacles

Overcome  challenges.  Imagine  opportunities.  Have  audacity  in  performance.  Have  inspiration  in  planning.  Be  creative  in  preparation.  Have  motivation  in  execution.

Avoid messy thinking: moderate what’s on your mind

Opening Scripture

A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps. –Proverbs 14 vs. 15


  1. Living itself is a risky business. If we spent half as much time learning how to take risks as we spend avoiding them, we wouldn’t have so much fear in life. – E. Paul Torrance
  • When you think you can’t… revisit a previous triumph. – Jack Canfield
  • Success is the prize for those who stand true to their ideas. – John S. Hinds
  • Thoughts and ideas are the source of all wealth, success, material gain, all great discoveries, inventions and achievements. – Mark Victor Hansen
  • The key to achievement is being a “How thinker” and not an “If thinker”.


Understanding, practicing, and maximizing how you think is a process. Right thinking won’t happen overnight but, as is the case with all habits, frequent effort and behavior will be rewarded. By becoming more effective and efficient, you’ll take charge of your thinking rather than your thinking taking charge of you.

Identify the times of the day when you are thinking productively and you focus your energy on thinking your most important activities during those times. You will discover that you are capable of getting more work completed in a shorter amount of time and your mind gains momentum and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Know how you spend your time
  • Set priorities
  • Use planning tools: e.g. a diary
  • Get organized
  • Schedule
  • Delegate


  • Stop procrastinating 
  • Manage external time wasters
  • Avoid multi-tasking
  • Stay mentally healthy

Key Nuggets

  • Schedule
  • Delegate
  • Manage


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