You  need  to  move  on  with  your  life. 

Make  reparations  for  the  wrongs  you  have  done.  Let  go  of  the  past.  If  you  think  it’s  not  possible  then  get  things  right  first.  Don’t  hold  your  life  back  by  punishing  yourself  for  something  wrong  that  you  did  in  the  past.  Never  let  your  feelings  of  pain  be  the  limits  to  what  you  have  always  wanted  in  life.

Now  that  you’ve  made  reparations  for  the  wrongs  you  have  done.  Life  goes  on.  Understand  the  cost  of  making  continuous  progress,  that  is,  your  loyalty,  your  meticulousness  to  produce  outstanding  work,  and  stanch  passion  to  succeed  no  matter  the  obstacles. 

You  can  make  tangible  progress  by  dreaming  big  enough.  See  and  fantasize  a  big  future  for  yourself.  You  can  never  be  disappointed  in  life.  It’s  only  when  you  decide  to  give  up  that  you  get  disappointed.  Never  quit  and  know  that  with  every  action  you  take,  you  make  your  life. 

How  to  make  reparations  for  the  wrongs  you  have  done:

Identify  your  efficiency  patterns.  Focus  on  what  you  can  control.  Refine  your  daily  routine.  Overcome  procrastination.  Establish  a  routine  of  success.

Live  with  purpose.  Keep  your  energy  high.  Think  positively.  Create  a  solid  action  plan.  Focus  on  your  goals.

Ways  to  make  reparations  for  the  wrongs  you  have  done:

Structure  your  time  according  to  your  goals.  Take  pride  in  what  you  accomplish.  Overcome  procrastination.  Keep  a  to-do  list.  Perform  objectives  that  require  the  most  discipline  first.

Let go of habits that stand in the way of your dream’s realization

Opening Scripture

The sluggard craves and gets nothing but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied. – Proverbs 13 vs. 4


  1. Winning is not a “sometime” thing. You don’t win once in a awhile, you don’t do things right once in awhile, you do them right all of the time.  Winning is a habit, unfortunately, so is losing.—Vince Lombard
  • The habit of persistence is the habit of victory. – Herbert Kaufman
  • To change bad habits, we must study the habits of successful role models. – Jack Canfield
  • Your habits will determine your quality of life.
  • You can turn negative consequences into positive rewards simply by changing habits now.


How you institute your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Make sure that you have an attitude-boosting morning routine that puts you in a good mood so that you can start the day off right. Make it a point to stick to your responsibilities of developing good habits.

Your habits make you who you are. Excellent habits give you an excellent life. In letting go of habits that stand in the way of your dream’s realization know you have:

  • Awareness of the bad habits
  • Ability to change the bad habits
  • Commitment to stick to your plan of changing habits
  • Initiate appropriate action where necessary to address poor performance or misconduct
  • Develop a good mindset
  • Communicate regularly with people closest to you about your behavioral performance
  • Identify possible development needs on your habits


  • Identify
  • Provide
  • Conduct
  • Commit
  • Develop
  • Communicate

Key Nuggets

  • Believe
  • Change
  • Focus
  • Grow
  • Improve
  • Inspire


I have good habits. My character is excellent. I’m focused and inspired. My mind is disciplined and conscious about my goals, vision and purpose.


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